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July 24 2017

8 Writing Tools for

8 Writing Tools for the Perfect Social Media Post

July 21 2017

Billy Penn’s Chris K

Billy Penn’s Chris Krewson: ‘Focus on your readers, start thinking about ways that you can solve their problems, and act on that.’ – Poynter

How to choose an app

How to choose an approach that resolves conflict – Poynter

July 16 2017

4 Chrome Extensions

4 Chrome Extensions for Student Journalists – Ball State Journalism Workshops

July 14 2017

They’re the next gen

They’re the next generation, and they’ve been picking up the slack of gutted local newsrooms and indifferent national outlets.

Investigative Web Re

Investigative Web Research

"We are working in a

"We are working in a medium, along with all of the other digital folks, in which you can tell stories in four different ways: words, pictures, video, audio. All of those will continue to grow for the next several decades. It's not either/or."

July 06 2017

The First Five | New

The First Five | Newseum Institute

July 05 2017

10 Underappreciated

10 Underappreciated Skills for Social Media Professionals

July 03 2017

A great interview

<p>A great interview is one of the journalist’s most powerful tools. For the next five weeks, the Columbia Journalism Review and MaximumFun.org will broadcast conversations with some of the world’s greatest interviewers. Hosted by NPR’s Jesse Thorn, the podcast, called The Turnaround, will examine the science and art of journalism. This first episode features Ira […]</p>

Would You Date Someo

Would You Date Someone Less Educated Than You? | Tell My Story - YouTube

July 01 2017

How and Why to Blog

How and Why to Blog for Student Publications | JEADigitalMedia.org

8 headline tips to d

8 headline tips to draw readers on social media – Poynter

June 22 2017

Tips for Which Yearb

Tips for Which Yearbook Skills to Teach First

June 19 2017

Ideas by Jivey walks

Ideas by Jivey walks you through each day of the first week of mentor sentences.

Graphic Design Terms

Graphic Design Terms Every Small Business Marketer Should Know Infographic business ideas #smallbusiness small business ideas wahm ideas

June 09 2017

10 Essential Respons

10 Essential Responsive Design Tips

You know you wanna k

You know you wanna know. How to Get More Instagram Followers: 5 Rules to Follow | StyleCaster

Journalism and yearb

Journalism and yearbook advisors rejoice! Find resources, lessons, and units here.


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